Monday, November 6, 2023

Venture Corporation - Chart wise, bullish mode! She has managed to clear the resistance at 12.50 looks rather positive, likely to rise up further!

 TA wise, bullish mode!

This morning she has manged to cross over the resistance level at 12.50 plus good volume this is rather positive!

Short term wise,  I think likely to rise up to test 13.00 than 13.30 with extension to 14.00 than 14.36.

Not a call to buy or sell!

Pls dyodd. 

The recent 3rd quarter results is within expectations. 

9 months Net Profit is down 25.2% to 203.3m.

Net cash on hands increase to 956.5m.

I think cash per share is more than 3.00.

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