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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Sheng Siong

SHENG SIONG - 16th June 2017

The recent share price being sold down from $1.015 to 92 cents could be due to an over emphasis of Amazon prime may affect their rev. 
The 3rd qtr result of which just announced a few days ago .saw net profits rises 11.6% .. 
I think price would likely move up in time to come .

SHENG SIONG has been growing and expanding his business rev/net profit as being reported on its financial report .
I have roughly worked out the DCF Cash flow value of $1.525 taking into consideration the CAGR of 15.51%. Discount factor of 8%.
Let factor in the further discount of 0.85 X $1.525 = $1.295 or let say we compute extra discount at 0.8 x $1.525 = $1.22.

Dividend of 3.7 cents p.a. Yield is about 3.9%( current price of 94cents).

Looking into their past 5 years financial results you may notice the Net Income has been gently rising. This is rather a healthy sign.

ROE is growing at a  higher percentage level of  23% (63.3 / 271.8).

Operating Cash flow has also been rising for the past five years:
I think current price of 94 cents still has rooms for further upwards move towards $1.00 then $1.10 with extension to $1.20.
( Trade base on your own decision)

Hong Fok

Hong Fok had a ice running up on Wednesday and touches the high of 92 with ultra high volume , this is rather bullish!
Thursday and Fri has retraced a little which is deem as positive to drive the share price higher .

Short term wise , I think it will likely the- capture 92 and fly higher towards $1.00 and above.
(Trade base on your own decision)

Friday, October 27, 2017

Genting Sing

Trading Buy:

A nice breaking out on Thursday could be due to other casino operator reporting good set of net profit. Likely to retrace towards 1.22/1.20 before we can see the next momentum to drive it higher. 

Price did a pull back on Friday and touches the low of 1.22 before moving up again.
TA wise looks bullish!
Short term wise, I think likely to re-capture 1.26 . Breaking out with good volume that may propel to drive the price higher to 1.30 then 1.36 with extension to 1.50 and above.
( trade base on your own decision)



Jiutian Chemical(C8R.SI)
This could be the next champion . Coming up after hitting the bottom at 0.01..
TA wise looks interesting and quite bullish. Likely to trend higher towards 8 then 10 cents.This is an ultra penny stock counter which is only suitable for high risk profile trader.
Not a call to buy or sell .

(Trade base on your own decision)

Friday, October 20, 2017


UOL - 20th Oct 2017

Nice uptrend mode. I think likely to continue to trend higher.

Short term wise, I think it may likely re-attempt 9.11 .  Breaking out with good volume that may drive the price higher to 9.20 then 9.30 with extension to 9.40.

Uptrend still intact!
EP 8.80
TP 9.20
SL 8.72

Not a call to buy or sell.
( trade base on your own decision)

Friday, October 13, 2017


STI - 13th Oct 2017

STI looks positive and we may have gearing towards a mini Bull market .
It had managed to capture 3300 and closed well at 3319.

Short term wise, looks bullish and it may likely continue to trend higher towards 3340 then 3354..
Bank counters are the main contributor for pushing STI higher .
Today see other blue chips counters also started to trend higher .
Next we could be seeing Telco counter heading higher.
Not a call to buy or sell.
( trade base on your own decision)