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Friday, August 25, 2017


STI - 26th Aug 2017

STI from TA point of view doesn't look good.
We are seeing a Bearish wide reversal bar being formed on last Friday .

Short term wise, I think it may go down to test the recent low of 3245. Breaking down of this level may see it goes further down towards 3195 with extension to 3115.
Not a call to Sell or Buy.

( trade base on your own decision)

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Best World

Best World - 24th Aug 2017

Best World after hitting the high of 1.62 on 7th Aug 2017, it has since retreated sharply and went down to touch 95 cents on 21st Aug 2017.This is rather negative/bearish.

The current price of 1.18 is staying below the SMA lines which is generally quite negative.

Short term wise, it may likely consolidate within 1.125 to 1.29. Breaking down of the critical support at 1.08 may smell trouble as it may likely continue to trend lower towards 1.00 then 95 cents with extension to 85 cents.
not a call to sell or buy.

( trade base on your own decision)


M1 - 24th Aug 2017

M1 after touching the low of 1.705 on 11th Aug 2017 , it has managed to stage a strong recovery and head higher to touch 1.825 on 21st Aug 2017.This is generally quite bullish/positive.

The current price of 1.795 is staying above the 20 SMA line which is generally quite positive.

Short term wise, i think it may likely move up to re-capture the recent high of 1.825.
Breaking out of this level with good volume, that may propel to drive the share price higher towards 1.90 with extension to 1/965.
Not a call to buy or sell.

( trade base on your own decision)

Monday, August 21, 2017

Keppel Corp

Keppel Corp - 21st Aug 2027

Looks bearish from TA point of view.
Today it has dropped another 1.42% or 9 cents lower at $6.24.
The price is hovering below the SMA lines which is generally quite negative. Looks like it may continue to trend lower to test $6.20 then $6.17.
$6.17 may find some strong support there as indicated on the chart patterns.
I think bargain hunter may zoom in to support at $6.16-$6.18..
Not a call to buy or sell.
( trade base on your own decision)

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Criteria for investing in REITS

what is the criteria for choosing the right Investing Reits?

NAV, Gearing, Asset Quality, Sponsor, Business Nature/Sector, yield.

Sponsor for example sph reit sponsor is sph .... fraser reits the sponsor is FCL ...
Ie the backer of the reits are impt to me, it much constitutes of what asset quality the reit will be getting in the long term.
Look at some of the smaller reits in sgx ... some industrial reits, the sponsor is small n unknown and the asset injection sometimes are very lousy .. Sabanas I say is one example

For example, I compare the yield of Sph reit against the same peers like Fraser and capitamall to get a feel of what it's peer is having. I look at the relative yield against its peers at any point of time.
Then also need to look at their occupancy rates and if DPU has been increasing or decreasing for the past 5 years.. etc etc.
If I want to be super conservative I will just use price to book for a simple valuation of cos the Lower the better. 
I remb during GFC, all the reits are trading at deep discounts ... well no such sale anymore. 

generally buy below nav. pay a slight premium if reit are gd. I did for MCT. 
well managed reits is that dpu is growing y to y
gearing n interest cover , occupancy, debts repayment period need to be considered.

Example :
fct, mct, cct , mlt etc .

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Best world, Sembcorp Ind, CAO, China Sunsine

China Aviation - From TA point of view it is rather bearish. The price has fallen off from the high of $1.80 to a low of $1.475. The is generally quite negative.

The price is hovering below the SMA lines which may likely see it trending lower towards $1.45 then $1.40 with extension to $1.35. dyodd

Best World 

Looks equally bad for the past 3 days as it has fallen from $1.51 to a low of $1.02 . More than 45 cents has been wiped-off or almost 32% value price reduction.
Looks like it may continue to trend lower.
Usually, after such a sever selling down, we may see a slight rebound.
I think it may continue to slide further after taking a short breather.
Short term TP 89 cents.dyodd

China Sunsine

Looks rather bearish from TA point of view!
I think short term it may go down to test 75 cents then 70 cents with extension to 65.

Sembcorp Ind

Short term wise, i think it may likely continue to go down to test $2.80 then $2.70 with extension to $2.65.

( trade base on your own decision)

Saturday, August 12, 2017


ComfortDelgro - 13th Aug 2017

ComfortDelgro just released the 2nd quarter results and net profits decreased 6.8% to 78.4m.
Half year Net profit came in slightly higher at 161.9m (2.1% increased).

Company declared an interim dividend of 4.35 cents vs 4.25 same period last year.

Thee results seems mixed feeling. Nevertheless , I think the result is not too bad .

From TA point of view , it is hovering in a consolidation mode. I think with this set of result + increased in dividend paying out may temporary boosting the share price higher.

Short term likely to see if testing $2.37 then $2.40. Breaking out of $2.40 with good volume that may drive the share price higher towards $2.50.
not a call to buy or sell.
( trade base on your own decision)

Thursday, August 10, 2017


SPH - 10 Aug 2017

OPPORTUNITY is Surfacing..

The price seem overly beaten down for counter such as
SPH that may present some bargain hunting

SPH – has been on a downtrend mode from $3.78 on 25th
Oct 2016 to a low of $2.85 on 28th July. MACD is showing
sign of turning upwards. Yield of 4.8% to 5.9% looks
attractive. Reversal play opportunity.

$2.85 has been tested 2 times already over the past few trading days. Looks like it may breakdown eventually if another attempt to break through this support level.

Alternative scenario, if $2.85 is able to hold up well then we may have a good chance of see a rebound to move up to retest 2.90 then 3.00.

Sunday, August 6, 2017


QAF - 6th Aug 2017

I have roughly work out the discounted Eps for past four years . Using current eps of 9.05 cents ( diluted eps - excluding divestment gain). 
CAGR 19.8%
Discount Factor - 8% ( more than double the 4% special account)
The Intrinsic value is $1.76 x 0.85 = $1.50.

Current price is $1.305, Yield 3.8%( 5 cents dividend p.a.), NAV 95.5 cents.
ROE 22%
Net income margin 13.8%
Net cash position

TA wise it is currently trading above the 20SMA line. 
It might have to make an attempt to clear 1.335 in order for it to rise further towards 1.36.

I think current price still has about 15% room to rise towards the Eps DCF value of $1.50.
Not a call to buy or sell.

( trade base on your own decision)

Friday, August 4, 2017

Food Empire

Food Empire - 4th Aug 2017

Food Empire(F03.SI)
A Nice GAP up with a Beautiful White soldier couple with quite a high volume this is generally positive.

A second white soldier appeared on the chart. Likely to see a Third soldier to be played out. Taking out of 71.5 would certainly create the next wave of trending higher.

2nd quarter result is just round the corner. 
It may provide the catalyst to drive the share price even higher.
Recent share buy back by director may view current price is still undervalue.

1st Qtr result of EPS 1.18 US cents =  2.5 cents. Estimate the whole year EPS of about 5.5 cents . Let says a PE of 17x would be arriving a TP of 93.5 cents.

Short term TP of 78  .

( Trade base on your own decision)

Thursday, August 3, 2017


Hi-P - 3rd Aug 2017

Hi-P reports 97.5% yoy surge in net profit to S$15.1 million for 2Q2017; enters into production ramp-up phase for 2H2017

Declare interim dividend of 1.9 cents.

Heading into 2H2017 where the Group expects stronger sales as compared to 1H2017, the Group’s inventories increased from S$142.9 million as at 31 December 2016 to S$155.4 million as at 30 June 2017. The Group’s robust business operations continued to generate strong positive operating cash flows amounting S$51.5 million for 2Q2017. This contributed to balance sheet strength as cash, cash equivalents and restricted bank deposits increased from S$120.7 million as at 31 December 2016 to S$255.2 million as at 30 June 2017. Correspondingly, the Group’s net cash position improved to S$156.5 million as at 30 June 2017 (31 December 2016: S$25.1 million).

Hi-P has a fantastic upward thrust bar presented today on the chart. Couple with super high volume, this is rather bullish.

The closing price of $1.16 is hovering near the all time high price of $1.23.
TA wise, looks positive. It may likely continue to trend higher to re-test 1.20 then 1.25.
( trade base on your own decision)

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Far East Orchard

Far East Orchard 

Far East Orchard is hovering between the price range of $1.51 to $1.58 seems to be a good support level. The NAV is about $2.89 as reported on the Second quarter result for 30 June
2017 seems to be trading at a Great discount of almost 50% ( Margin Of Safety).

Dividend of 6 cents for the Past 5 years, yield of 3.92%
P/B is about 0.53
Company is profitable .
Although the half year financial results has came down quite substantially down 66% to 16.8m.

The current price of $1.53 seems like super undervalue. A rare gems not to be missed!
Let's say we can roughly work out the short term TP of $1.73(6 X NAV $2.89) .
I think this TP of $1.73 could be quite easy to achieve.

Or a slightly higher TP of 0.65 X $2.89= $1.88

( trade base on your own decision)