Saturday, August 8, 2020


STI is hAving an opposite direction versus US Dow Jones index.

STI is on a Bearish downtrend mode and is on the verge of further melting down.

I think at this point of time, is Good to focus on those counters that are still on the uptrend mode in order to enhance the probability of winning the trade.
If not, I think it is ok to stay sideline!

Short term wise, I think breaking down of 2500 level may likely see further selling down pressure towards 2485 then 2400 with extension to 2385 .

Not a call to buy or sell.
Pls dyodd.

Friday, August 7, 2020

KDC Reit

Chart wise, looks bullish!
Share price has been trending upwards from $1.60 to a high of $3.09 it seems that market are gearing towards safe heaven counter that saw its yield decreasing from 4.5% to a low of 2.5%.

NAV 1.176
P/B 2.58

We wouldn't know when the music will stop!

I always believe what goes up high will come down one of these days!

Not a call to buy or sell.
Pls dyodd.

Sheng Siong

Chart wise, super bullish!
This counter which is dealing with daily essential stuff can see the price benefited from the current market situation!

A nice uptrend move from $1.10 to a high of $1.86, excellent!

XD 3.5 cents on 14 Aug 2020.

Short term wise, I think price may continue to rise further before XD date.

Not a call to buy or sell.
Pls dyodd.