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Sunday, June 30, 2024

NetLink NBN Tr - The company director bought 100000 share at 83 cents a few days ago which might be that price is undervalued! Pls dyodd.

 NetLink NBN Tr  - The company director bought 100000 share at 83 cents a few days ago which might be that price is undervalued! 

Pls dyodd.  

AGM Meeting Date23 July 2024

 NetLink NBN Tr  - After XD, the price has corrected from 86.5 to close at 83.5 cents to cover the dividend payout of 2.65 cents, seems fairly reasonable!

 At 83.5 cents, yield is quite good at more than 6 pecent (yearly dividend of 5.3 cents) The one and only appointed Fibre installation and activation company! Pls dyodd.  

 NetLink NBN Tr  - The director bought 100000 share at 86.5 cents this might be telling usbthe share price is attractive! Pls dyodd.  


She may rise up to test 91.5 cents .

 NetLink NBN Tr  - 2nd Half results is out! Gross Revenue is up 1 percent to 206m. Net profit is down 8 percent to 50.3m due to higher finance costs etc!

 Healthy cash flow of 288.6m ! Dividend of 2.65 cents is 1.1 percent higher than last year 2.62 cents. 

The Group generated Net cash from Ops of 288.6m of which I think is sufficiently able cover the dividend payout annually at 206.5m. 

XD 29 May.

Pay date 12 June.

Yield is about 6.13% at 86.5 cents.

Pls dyodd. 

Saturday, June 29, 2024

Frasers Cpt Tr - She is trading at 2.12, yield is about 5.69 percent, which is a good yield level! Gearing below 40 percent, NAV 2.26. Looks like boat is back! A good pivot point would be at 2.10 level! Pls dyodd.


Frasers Cpt Tr  - SheTis trading at 2.12,  yield is about 5.69 percent,  which is a good yield level!

 Gearing below 40 percent,  NAV 2.26. Looks like boat is back! A good pivot point would be at 2.10 level! Pls dyodd. 

FCT (Frasers Cpt Tr) - Nibbled a bit at 2.17 after locked in profit for KDC! At 2.17 yield is about 5.55 percent seem quite a good yield!

 Dividend just credited today, awesome! 

 FCT : Frasers Cpt Tr  - Went there for dinner, very crowded! Very good traffic crowds plus business for FCT. At 2.20, yield is about 5.5 percent, seem quite good ! 

 Today went to NEX at Serangoon to do some errands like duplicating the keys at 4th floor- Shoes & Keys at 4th floor. $4 per key not too bad! Bought some breads and saw the Japanese food fair at 1st level.  

Bought some pan cakes and nice strawberries.

Frasers Cpt Tr  -  On Monday she will included on the STI index component stocks counter likely to see some buying activities! At 2.18, yield is at about 5.5 percent of which I think is quite a good yield.  One of the rare local retail mall reit not too miss out! Pls dyodd. 

Frasers Cpt Tr  - SHE IS TRADING at quite a nice Yield level of about 5.49 percent at 2.20. Estimating yearly dividend of 12.07 cents. NaV  2.311, Gearing is below 40 percent looks like a good pivot point to monitor and buy on further weakness! Pls dyodd. 

On 18th March FCT will be included on the STI components index , likely to see some buying activities when trading near the actual date! 

Immediate support is at 2.15. Next support is at 2.10 and 2.00.

Do take note!

Yesterday had my dinner at one of the FCT mall , nice! Lai ah, Jiak! 

Get more juicy dividend and continue to support their mall. Awesome!

Private placement price of 2.18.

Advance DPU of 4.25 cents,  XD 1st February. 

FCT - She has managed to reclaim 2.30 and trading at 2.31 to 2.32 is rather bullish! Likely to continue to trend higher! 

Pls dyodd.

 *Frasers Cpt Trust*

— Strong operating performance: Retail Portfolio committed occupancy' at 99.9%, up 1.5%-pt y-o-y and up 0.2%-pt q-0-q

— Aggregate leverage 37.2% as at 31 Dec 2023, down from 39.3% as at 30 Se 23

— 1Q24 all-in cost of borrowing at 4.3% (4Q23: 4.1%)

Chart wise,  let's see if she can rise up to reclaim 2.30 level in order to continue this uptrend direction!

Pls dyodd.

Full Year results is out! 

Gross Revenue is up 1.8% to 184m.

NPI is up 1.1% to 129m.

DPU is down marginally 1.2% to 6.02 cents versus 6.09 cents last year! 

Gearing is 39.3%.

Gearing is expected to go down to 36.1% upon completion of divestment of Changi City Point.  

The Average costs of borrowing is 3.8% Slightly higher than last year 3.7%.

Occupancy is 99%.

Please dyodd.

Wah, she is having a nice rebound today up 6 cents to 2.15  looks rather encouraging! 

The volume isn't that high!

Let's monitor and see if it will continue to trend higher towards 2.20 and above!

Results is due on 25th October. 

Pls dyodd.

The selling down has been too drastic!

At 2.06, yield is 5.92% for this retail reit counter that is fundamentally sound of which I think golden opportunity is here!

Chart wise, it may well go down to revisit 2.00.

next support is at 1.89-1.90.

Not a call to buy or sell!

Please dyodd.

 Divestment of the Changi Mall at 338M , Citi Analyst upgrade to buy with a price target of 2.51, Awesome!

Quote :

Citi Research analyst Brandon Lee has upgraded his call on FCT to “buy” given its improved gearing to 37.1%, making the REIT the lowest-geared retail Singapore REIT (S-REIT) among the REITs within his coverage.

FCT’s move will also give it sufficient debt headroom to make potential acquisitions that are accretive to its distribution per unit (DPU), Lee adds.

The recovery of retail revenue after Covid-19 is also another plus for FCT in the analyst’s book.

With all that in mind, Lee has increased his target price to $2.51 from $2.30. His new target price has an implied P/B of 1.08x in-line with FCT’s five-year pre-Covid-19 mean of 1.09x.

Chart wise,  bullish mode!

A nice breakout of 2.26 smoothly plus good volume that may likely drive the price higher towards 2.30 than 2.35 and above!

NAV 2.32. Yearly Dividend is about 12.2 cents. Yield is about 5.44% at 2.24. I think gd price level to monitor. 

Please dyodd.

Thursday, June 27, 2024

Frasers L&C Tr - Very good price is back! This is a golden opportunity to take a look at this index reit trading below its NAV, gearing below 40 percent and yield is more than 7 percent! Pls dyodd.

  Frasers L&C Tr  - Very good price is back! This is a golden opportunity to take a look at this index reit trading below its NAV, gearing below 40 percent and yield is more than 7 percent! 

Pls dyodd. 

Frasers L&C Tr  - The Boat is back! Extended Sales promotion! 

At 96 cents yield is about 7.25 percent,  seem very interesting!

Nibbled s bit st 96 cents. 

 Pls dyodd. 

 Frasers L&C Tr  - I think GSS is here! Trading at 99.5 cents, yield is more than 6.9 percent fir this blue-chip index reit I think great opportunity is back! Pls dyodd. 

 Frasers L&C Tr  - 1st Half Results is out! Gross Revenue is up 3.8 percent to 216m. NpI is up 1.8 percent to 158.6m. Distribution income is dowm 0.1 percent to 130.6m. DpU is down 1.1 percent to 3.48 cents! I think the results is quite resilient! 

Occupancy rate is 94.3%.

Gearing is healthy at 32.7%.

Position rental reversion of 14.3%.

The ops costs increased by 34.5% to 29m. If not, dpu will be higher! 

NAV 1.16.

Ay 1.01, yield is about 7%.

I think results is not bad! 

XD 14/5. Pay date 18/6.

Pls dyodd. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

SingTel - Gapped up this morning, Awesome! Trading at 2.74,likely to rise up to test 2.78 to 2.82! Pls dyodd.

SingTel  - Gapped up this morning,  Awesome! Trading at 2.74,likely to rise up to test 2.78 to 2.82.

 Pls dyodd. 

SingTel  - She has managed to touch 2.66 seem like this Bullish momentum may drive the price higher towards 2.72 and above!

 Pls dyodd 

 She is slowly climbing up again when the market is weak! Looks like fund are coming in to support! Testing 2.65 soon!

Beyond that, she may rise up further towards 2.72 than 2.82.

Pls dyodd.

Pls dyodd.

  SingTel  - I think they are eagle to secure more home broadband subscribers with the latest promo for new sign up for 2Gbps at 39.90 plan come with wifi 6 router and free gifts of either a NEspresso coffee machine or Prism+ C240 monitor! 

Price is comparable to other local telco. Seem like their new pricing may add more new subscribers and also boost their local market revenue! Pls dyodd. 

 SingTel  - She is rising up nicely! Likely to reclaim 2.55 and rises higher towards 2.65 and above!

 Pls dyodd. 

 SingTel  - She is gaining strength, likely to cross over 2.50 and rises to cover the Gapped at 2.52. Likely continue to trend higher! 

Beyond 2.52, next, she may rise up to 2.55 than 2.65.

The power of dividend!

Pls dyodd! 

  SingTel  - Halted! Good news! ANOTHER unlocking shareholders value! Likely to see a boost for divestment gains and declare as Special dividend! Huat ah! Pls dyodd. 

SingTel  - Chart wise, bullish mode! A nice breakout of 2.46 smoothly would likely see her rising up towards 2.55 soon! Yield is more than 6 percent for FY dividend of 15 cents, seem good! 

Pls dyodd.  

SingTel  - FY results is out! Underlying  net profit is up 10 percent to 2.28b.Net profit is down 64 pecent to 795m due to non-cash impairment provision! Dividend is up 52 percents to 15 cents for Y 2023 , solid. 

Final dividend of 6 cents. Plus 3.8 cents realization value gain. Will be paid out in Aug and December 2024.

Strong balance sheet with Cash Balance of 4.68b.

XD 1st August. 

Pay date 20th Aug.

Pls dyodd. 

SingTel  - Tomorrow she will be reporting her 1st Half results,  likely to see a lower profit due to the provision of non-cash impairment of 3.1b. Hopefully,  things will get sorted out! 

Will they be maintaining the same dividend of 5.3 cents being paid out for last year! 

Price will likely be under pressure due to the impending court case for Optus mobile in Australia.  

Pls dyodd.