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Friday, November 17, 2023

SATS - I think she is trending up nicely and high probability she may reclaim 2.74 and rises higher towards 2.83 and above! A recovery play for the Air industry!

 I think if they didn't acquired WFS most probably they are back to profitability plus resuming paying out dividend. 

But due to the acquisition of WFS I think it may take at least 1-2 years to see the results! 

Chart wise, bullish mode!

Short term wise,  I think likely to rise up ti test 2.74! 

A nice breakout smoothly plus good volume we may likely see her rising up towards 2.83 than 3.00.

Please dyodd.

 Food Solutions 

At SATS, we believe that people should have the choice to eat better, improving their health and well-being with tasty, authentic meals made from responsibly sourced ingredients.

As a leading food solutions provider in Asia, we combine technology with the passion, creativity, and talent of our people to develop quality food products and services for a wide range of customers across a multitude of industries.

Our list of services includes aviation, commercial and institutional catering, food production and distribution capabilities, as well as a growing network of central kitchens for food service chains and institutions.

Full Service Carrier Catering

With two large-scale airline catering centres that can produce up to 120,000 meals a day, state-of-the-art food technologies and an in-house panel of international award-winning SATS Culinary Consultants (SCC), we are well-equipped to deliver quality and innovative food solutions that meet the needs of our full service airline customers.

Our diverse capabilities include ethnic specialty kitchens that cater to Chinese, Thai, Indian, Muslim, Japanese and other cuisines along with a dedicated Halal Boutique Bakery and an artisanal chocolate studio. 

Meals from a curated selection of over 800 weekly inflight menu types, including buy-on-board meals, are prepared in compliance with stringent food safety regulations and tested in Simulated Aircraft Cabins to ensure optimal taste and quality.

To enhance our competitiveness, we tap on people-led technological innovations to increase productivity and improve food quality so as to meet the growing demands for affordable food solutions.

Institutional Catering

As part of our Food Solutions business, SATS works closely with our institutional customers to develop delicious, nourishing meals and customised end-to-end services that help to promote better health and eating habits.  

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, our passionate team of dietitians, food technologists and in-house panel of award-winning SATS Culinary Consultants work together to develop new and authentic recipes, curating fresh, tasty and nutritious menus that meet the unique requirements of our customers.

From large-scale catering to tailored in-patient menus and youth engagement efforts, we are proud to use our expertise, technology and culinary creativity to support the work of healthcare providers, educational institutions and government agencies.



SATS plays a vital role in supporting the patient care journey by providing customised end-to-end food service solutions, delivering tasty and nutritious meals to hospitals as well as intermediate and long-term care facilities.

Tapping on decades of experience and the use of innovative food technology, our team of trained dietitians, chefs and catering professionals work with healthcare institutions to develop tailor-made in-patient menus, therapeutic and textured meals and pantry supplies in compliance with stringent hospital guidelines and food safety regulations.

Our range of integrated solutions also include food concierge services and staff lounge management.

Food-service Solutions and Distribution

As Asia’s leading food solutions provider, we are passionate about providing quality, sustainable and healthy food to our customers around the region.

Our food-service solutions comprise an extensive list of products from around the world including nourishing soups and sauces, stringently sourced meat and seafood, frozen food, as well as delicious ready-to-eat and ambient meals. 

To meet the growing demand for healthier and more sustainable food solutions, we are constantly enhancing our offerings with the introduction of new and innovative options such as plant-based proteins and sustainable food packaging. 

An expanded sourcing and distribution network through our wholly-owned subsidiary, Country Foods Pte. Ltd (Country Foods) – one of Singapore’s largest food importers, distributors and manufacturers, provides valuable access to markets across the region.

With a Digital Integrated Supply Chain, which provides turnkey solutions with end-to-end logistics, warehousing, sourcing and procurement capabilities, we serve as the ideal one-stop, go-to-market platform for food-service solutions in Asia.


Meat and Seafood

As one of our wholly-owned subsidiaries, Country Foods is the biggest meat importer, distributor and processor in Singapore with more than 1,000 clients and 800 white-label and branded products, including Farmpride and Amir’s. 

In addition to our extensive range of quality meat including Halal-certified frozen poultry, seafood and delicatessen offerings, we also provide a selection of alternative plant-based proteins through brands such as Impossible Foods. 

The use of innovative new ingredients together with our culinary expertise and capabilities enables us to develop new culinary concepts, grow our range of sustainable, premium food products while serving as a springboard for sustainable food businesses across the region.


We specialise in providing our customers with peace of mind.

As the region’s leading gateway services provider, SATS takes pride in our ability to handle the seamless flow of passengers, flights and cargo, at one of the busiest airports in the world. 

Applying decades of experience and state-of-the-art technology against the most rigorous performance, safety and service standards, we offer a comprehensive suite of ground handling services that enable people, aircraft and goods to travel securely between Singapore and the rest of the world.

Passenger Services

For more than 60 years, SATS has been serving passengers at Singapore Changi Airport, creating positive and unique encounters that have become a signature part of their travel experiences here. 

With the needs of every passenger in mind, we offer a suite of quality passenger services that range from seamless check-in facilities, special care services for those who need a little extra assistance, as well as premier check-in counters and lounges.

Apron Services

Since the beginning of commercial aviation in Singapore, SATS has played an active role in our overall growth as an international aviation hub in the region. 

At Changi Airport, our apron services team continues to serve with pride, upholding the highest professional and safety standards. Handling a wide and complex array of aviation activities, we help to ensure smooth and safe operations across the airport.

Staffed by a well-rounded team of young talents and experienced professionals, we tap on our strong technological and human capabilities to provide a broad range of customised services available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Air Cargo

Seamless Connections

Every day at Changi Airport, one of the world’s busiest and best cargo hubs, SATS is there.

Seamlessly connecting millions of tonnes of cargo from Singapore to the world.

Our experienced and highly trained teams use cutting-edge technology and leading automation systems, powered by six airfreight terminals including an Express Courier Centre.

We ensure continuous commitment to quality and security through Initial, Recurrent and Awareness training on the processing of dangerous goods and our C2K certifications

and Cargo 2000 programmes.

Low-cost Carrier Handling

As the leading gateway services provider for low cost carrier flights from Singapore’s Changi Airport and around the region, SATS has developed a business model that complements their no-frills approach while fulfilling their need for innovative solutions and quality services.

With decades of industry experience and an award-winning team of technical specialists, we uphold the most rigorous performance and safety standards to ensure that flight operations are smooth, efficient and safe.

At Singapore’s Changi Airport, our subsidiaries Asia Pacific Star and GTR provide a comprehensive range of ground handling services including guest handling, baggage services, aircraft handling, security services and cargo handling services. GTR also provides ground handling services for full service carriers and operates an an air cargo hub at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport Air Cargo Terminal 1 in Sepang.

Private Jet Services

Designed to meet the unique needs of private jet passengers for discretion, privacy and speed, the Seletar Business Aviation Centre (SBAC) offers premium bespoke services for a truly exceptional and seamless travel experience.

Cruise Terminal Services

SATS-Creuers Cruise Services operates Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore, one of the largest cruise terminals in Asia specially designed to accommodate large ships and thousands of passengers at a time.

For arriving cruise passengers scheduled for same-day flights from Singapore, our Cruise-Fly services offer the benefits of early check-in including baggage drop-off and collection of boarding passes.

 With a growing suite of innovative, quality services  , our goal is to provide you with a comfortable and seamless travel experience across your journey.  

Security Services

Serving with pride and professionalism, SATS Security Services' mission is to be your security agency of choice.

As one of the longest-serving auxiliary police force (APF) in Singapore, we provide a comprehensive range of professional security services and solutions for customers across many industries. 

We build our solutions from a wide field of security capabilities, such as the provision of manpower for enforcement, event security and traffic management; future-ready ops-tech which includes intelligence analytics and surveillance, smart facilities management, Internet of Things (IoT) monitoring.

Our years of experience in aviation security, coupled with advanced technological solutions, allow us to deliver effective protection to our clients’ people, assets, and infrastructure. Our long-standing services are distinguished by our high standards in manpower and technological innovation.

We are accredited by the Airport Police Division, our Regulated Air Cargo Agent Regime consultants provide the documentation of the Regulated Air Cargo Agents Security Programme.

Travel Retail

At SATS, we take a holistic approach to travel retail.

We deliver a tailored, comprehensive suite of services to clients, helping them connect meaningfully with their passengers from door to destination.

Our research-driven solutions are designed to maximise ancillary revenue, increase passenger spend and help reduce costs. 
A trusted leader in the Asia-Pacific airspace for over 40 years, we know the importance of passenger engagement. Our world-class operational capabilities, including sales and inventory reconciliation, food and beverage expertise, crew training and engagement, innovative digital and sustainable solutions, last mile provisioning and more, guarantee a robust onboard retail experience.

Linen and Laundry

SATS takes pride in delivering quality, customised linen and laundry services to our customers in the aviation, healthcare and hospitality sectors, so that their customers can enjoy the care and comfort they deserve.

From wet washing to dry cleaning, we provide an extensive suite of professional services including special care requirements for aircraft and hotel bedding, food and beverage linen, company uniforms and personal garments.

Singapore, Paris, 3 April 2023 – SATS Ltd. (“SATS”) today announced it has completed its acquisition of global air cargo logistics provider Worldwide Flight Services (“WFS”) for €1.3 billion (equivalent to approximately S$1.8 billion) from an affiliate of Cerberus Capital Management (“Cerberus”), representing an enterprise value of €2,250 million as previously announced. The acquisition received an overwhelming support of 96.8% approval from SATS’ voting shareholders in January this year and obtained regulatory approvals in all relevant jurisdictions in February. With effect from completion, WFS becomes a fully owned subsidiary of SATS, which is headquartered in Singapore. WFS will continue to be headquartered in Paris and operate as Worldwide Flight Services. Craig Smyth, CEO of WFS, will continue to run the company and report to Kerry Mok, President & Chief Executive Officer of SATS, and an advisory board.

A Partnership with WFS

Developing a partnership with WFS gives you the benefits of our world class international standards in all aspects of cargo and ground handling. You will gain the support of our global team of business and handling professionals and leverage our trusted relationships with airlines, airports and other highly valued customers all over the world.

We believe in partnerships that are open and fair, where both parties bring complementary skills and value. We also recognise the importance of maintaining and developing a strong identity for each partnership, which usually involves the creation of a sub-brand supported by all parties.

WFS has developed strong partnerships with its key customers through its extensive network and focusing on network-wide solutions. We aim to foster and develop the relationship with key customers by providing a consistent and service-oriented service at all our locations.

Chart wise, bullish mode!

A higher low candlesticks price patterns has been formed looks rather bullish!

Short term wise, I think likely to rise up to test 2.70 then 2.80.

NAV is about 2.106.

Not a call to buy or sell!

Please dyodd.

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