Thursday, September 30, 2010

Yongnam Holdings

Yongnam Holdings, the structural steel contractor and specialist civil engineering solutions provider has just been awarded 2 MRT lines contracts worth a total of $52.5M.
A brighter outlook for this sector following government plans to invest more in infrastructure ...
At the current price of 29 cents , the EPS is about 7.8x.
CIMB has a target price of 39 cents and would say that the upside potential is about 34% .
Techincally looking good at the current price of 29 cents and it may test 30 - 31 cents soon.

(Invest at your own decision)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ezion Holdings

Ezion Holdings one of the Asia largest fleet in 'Ballastable vessel or Lift vessels" has recently just announced LOI worth 70 Millions.The company is expected to post more than 100% growth in year 2010. Most of the Analyst & Brokerage/securities has a price target of above 84 cents.

DMG has a targe price of 86 cents,Pareto - 85 cents & CIMB about 98 cents..

I think is good to accumulate some when the price has come down to 64 cents..


Sound Global

Sound Global was listed in Hong Kong stock exchange on 30th Sept 2010.
The shares price was fantastic! ON 29th September it has been snapped up with an increased of about 11.7% to 90.5 cents from 28th September price of 81 cents with 6.7b shares traded.

It has hold well with the current price of 85.5 cents after being listed on HKG Stock Exchange.With the current good market sentiment,I think the share price is going to see some more upwards movement.
It might be testing 88 - 90 cents soon and perhaps goes up to 93.5 - 95 cents.

DBS has a target price of 96 cents and CIMB has a target price of $1.08.

All the Best to those have vested..

(Invest at your own decision)