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Sunday, August 27, 2023

QAF - Gardenia Bread business I think she is trading at an interesting price level, yield is about 6%.


Yearly dividend of 5 cents.

Yield is above 6% at 0.815.

Net cash position. 

But cash flow is slightly negative. 

Recently,  the director bought back some share.

This might be an indication that the price is  undervalued .

Please dyodd. 

QAF core businesses are into Bakery, Distribution and Warehousing!

Branded Packaged Bread

Our branded packaged breads are Gardenia and Bonjour. We are the region's leading manufacturer and distributor of the premium Gardenia brand of packaged bread, the top selling brand in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Each day, Gardenia bread is delivered 'straight from the oven' by our fleet of some 1,900 vans and trucks to about 78,000 supermarkets, convenience stores and general trade channels all over Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Our In 2022, Gardenia Singapore improved the recipes of two existing milk bread products and launched the Gardenia Hokkaido Butter Rolls in February 2022 and the Gardenia Hokkaido Hi-Calcium Milk Bread in April 2022. The new Gardenia Hokkaido Butter Rolls are made with a Hokkaido butter blend and the creamy and soft bun texture makes the butter rolls enjoyable on their own as well. Targeted at milk bread lovers and families with young children, the new Gardenia Hokkaido Hi-Calcium Milk Bread contains Prebiotics, Calcium, Iron and both Vitamins B1 and B3.

To provide greater convenience and accessibility to Gardenia products, the company became the first bakery in Singapore to introduce the loaf bread vending machine. These vending machines are located in selected high-density residential areas and corporations to serve consumers 24 hours a day, rain or shine.

The company has a multi-brand portfolio, with bakery brands such as Bonjour and Bonjour Delights to cater to different consumer tastes. Since 1998, Bonjour has been carrying its own range of white, wholemeal and speciality breads, as well as croissants and buns. Bonjour seeks to deliver tasty and affordable products with interesting flavours such Bonjour Choc Chip Raisin Loaf and Bonjour Butterscotch Loaf. In 2017, Bonjour was awarded “Top Influential Brand” status in the Bread Category. The Bonjour Delights brand was launched in 2021 to target price-sensitive consumers seeking nostalgic local bakery products.

Garde7nia operates two bakery plants in Singapore, while the Spreads

The Group has developed a line of bread spreads to complement its wide range of breads and bakery products.

In Singapore, Ben Foods has a range of spreads comprising of Cowhead ButterCowhead Dandelion Spread (soft margarine)Cowhead Cream Cheese Spread and Cowhead Dandelion Margarine Block, a shelf stable margarine that is ideal for cooking, frying and baking.

In 1997, Gardenia Malaysia launched Auntie Rosie’s line of kaya spreads. The Original Homestyle Kaya and Natural Pandan Kaya spreads have become very popular with young and old alike.

To cater to the demand for competitively priced tasty and quality bread spreads, Gardenia Malaysia also launched two new and exciting chocolate spreads in 2015. They are the rich-tasting and creamy Delicia Hazelnut Chocolate Spread and Delicia Milky Chocolate Spread. The spreads were initially launched on a small scale and were so well received that they now come in upsized 375g jars and are sold in over 8,000 outlets in Malaysia.

In 2022, Gardenia Malaysia introduced a new variant to its spread range, the Gardenia Delicia Salted Caramel, a flavoured chocolate spread. The creamy, thick textured and rich caramel taste chocolate spread comes in 2 pack sizes: 200g and 375g.

As part of Gardenia Philippines’ expansion into the non-bread category, the company introduced Gardenia Malaysia’s Delicia chocolate spread into the local Philippine market in 2017.

 has a Ben Foods

Our distribution and warehousing activities are wholly integrated and supported by our own fleet of refrigerated trucks, multi-temperature storage, logistics and distribution facilities.

We import and distribute a wide variety of food and beverage products including meat, milk and dairy products, frozen vegetables, soups, pastries, noodles, confectionery, sauces, spreads, snack products, wines and juices.

Ben Foods’ own proprietary brands of food products have not only become familiar household names, but are exported regionally to countries such as Malaysia, the Philippines, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Brunei, Indonesia, Vietnam and Bangladesh.

Our house brands comprise the Cowhead range of quality milk and dairy products, Farmland processed food products, Farmchef (frozen potatoes and meat), Haton (seafood products), Orchard Fresh (beverages) and Spices of the Orient (sauces and seasonings).

We strive to strengthen our proprietary brands by launching new, innovative and functional food products each year.

In 2022, we launched the Cowhead range of creamy instant noodles. This range includes a variety of Asian spicy and western pasta flavours. Cowhead creamy instant noodles are being promoted to be cooked with Cowhead UHT milk as a strategy to further strengthen the brand through product synergy.

Our customers are the foodservice sector and include food manufacturers, fast-food chains and restaurants, supermarkets, wholesalers, independent retail outlets, hotels, hospitals, bakeries, in-flight kitchens and ships.

Our Wine & Spirits division represents and distributes wines from various countries, including France, Italy, Spain, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. plant in Johor, Malaysia called Farmland Bakery, which produces bakery p

roducts foduce more than 1.3 billion loaves, buns and snack cakes each year. In recognition of our commitment to constant product innovation and excellence, Gardenia has been awarded “Superbrands” status in the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. is a leading multi-industry
food company with core businesses
in Bakery, and Distribution
and Warehousing.

We have an extensive operations and distribution network across the Asia-Pacific region including Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Australia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Brunei, Indonesia,Vietnam, Laos and Bangladesh.We employ more than 9,000 people regionally and are listed on the Singapore Exchange.

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