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Saturday, August 5, 2023

CapitaLand China Trust - Looks like gd price is back!

 It has just went ex.dividend and is trading near the immediate resistance at 0.97, looks like gd price is back! Don't miss out!

Yearly dividend is about 7.48 cents   Yield is about 7.63%.

Please dyodd. 

Today it has gone down to touch the low of 97 and rises up to hit 1.02 before closing at 1.00 looks like more or less the selling is completed.

The transacted volume is huge,  looks like we may  have seen the bottom.

This afternoon was deciding whether to get some unit at 97.5 cents while it was trading at 97 to 97.5 cents or Ascendas REIT at 2.65. I nibbled a bit of Ascendas REIT at 2.65 instead! 

Results will be out on 27th July before trading commence cum dividend announcement.

Let's wait for the first half results and see how it fares from the current price of 1.00!

Please dyodd.

Wah, she is being pressed down to such a low level seem rather overly done!

She is being driven into a super extended oversold territory, I think likely to see a technical rebound!

Nav 1.336, yearly dividend of about 7.6 cents, yield is 7.6% for this China industrial, DC cum office reit seem rather interesting! 

Not a call to buy or sell!

Please dyodd. 

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