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Sunday, August 13, 2023

Frencken - Results is out, Net profit is down 54.6% to 11.8m

 Frencken  - Results is out, Net profit is down 54.6% to 11.8m.

EPS is down to 2.82 cents versus 6.11 cents last year.

Cash Flow is generating negative figures!

Borrowing costs is also quite high.

PE is about 14.6x at 0.825.

Not a call to buy or sell .

Please dyodd.

TA wise,  bearish mode!

Short term wise, if she is not able to stay above 0.82 then high probability she may go down to test 0.76 to 0.785.

Please dyodd.

Is she out of the danger zone, I doubt so!

Seem like a classical throwing back reaction after a series of selling down.

She may go down to retest 0.895 ! Breaking down of 0.895 plus high volume she may continue to slide down further to 0.80 then 0.76.

Pls dyodd.

 TA wise,  bearish mode!

Likely to continue to go lower!

Short term wise,  likely to go down to test 0.96. Breaking down of 0.96 may see her going further down to test 0.9/0.915. Next, she may slide down to 0.80 then 0.76.

Pls dyodd.

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