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Saturday, September 29, 2018

STI ETF - ideal for DCA

I think is almost good time to revisit this STI ETF as can be seen from the chart, RSI is gently rising and price has stay above 20MA.

PE is about 11.3x which is still undervalue as the historical average PE is about 15x.

When is the Best time to lock in profit is when the RSI is over 70 and the PE is more than 20.

Not a call to buy or sell.
Pls dyodd.

I think good investing does not require too many fanciful ideas and strategies. Just one simple no-brainer strategy that can work effectively through time and allow us to sit back and relax to enjoyr the reward of the investment that is working effortlessly to achieve our investment goal of getting 8-10% gain( passive income).

This simple strategy is to invest in a low cost ETF( Exchange Traded Fund)  such as the STI ETF (ES3.SI) or NIKKO AM STI ETF(G3B.SI) 

This method of operation is to buy into STI ETF whenever it is in an oversold condition and to sell off and take profits whenever it is in an overbought condition. 
For example, one may use the  indicator such as the Relative Strength Index (RSI) to determine overbought ( above 70 ) or oversold condition( below 30).

One may plan to buy and selling of units in several batches whenever in oversold or overbought conditions in order to get the best average price.

For example you may plan to buy in at different interval or whenever the Oversold situation happen .

In any one year, there will be three to four such window opportunities of overbought or oversold conditions to operate by buying or selling units of the ETF. At the same time, we can also kept some units always to receive dividend income and for their long term growth in price appreciation.

With discipline and patience , one should be able to get good average returns per year in excess of certain % by this one simple strategy of investing in one single ETF .I think This simple one strategy is safe and allow one to sleep soundly at night without worry of negative news affecting individual stocks in one's portfolio which could crash the share price of the particular stock the next day. This is because even if one or two of the component stocks in STI ETF of blue chips should collapse in share prices, there will be 28 others to diversify away the risk of the entire portfolio collapsing at anytime.

As for younger folks who just started out working and does not have enough cashflows and savings , one may start to spread out the different batch of buying or applying the Dollar-cost-averaging method by investing $1000 at 6-8 different batches that would be able to achieve  lower average costs per unit. 

the example are as follows:-

1. When the index price is $2.00, your $1000 will be able to buy 500 shares.
2. When the index price is $2.50, your $1000 will be able to buy 400 shares
3. When the index price is $2.90, your $1000 will be able to buy 344 shares
4. When the index price is $1.66, your $1000 will be able to buy 625 shares
5. When the index price is $3.00, your $1000 will be able to buy 333 shares
6. When the index price is $3.20, your $1000 will be able to buy 312 shares
7. When the index price is $3.50, your $1000 will be able to buy 285 shares

Total = $7000 / 2799 shares = $ 2.50 average cost per unit.

By using this method, you will be able to make a profit once the stock market rises above this low average price.


Just sharing.

Not a call to buy or sell.

Please do your own due diligence.

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