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Saturday, September 29, 2018


2nd quarter result is due to be announced on 8th Nov 2018.
Dividend of 6.8 cents is coming!
Looks like it may likely re-attempt 3.20 . Breaking out with ease + good volume that may propel to drive the price higher towards 3.27.

NAV $1.86.
EPS of about 33 cents.
PE less than 10.
Dividend of 17.5 cents. Yield of 5.4% base on $3.24. Yield is quite attractive.

I have added a bit at $3.50 when the share price has fallen off from the High of $4.00.

Since then, I have again added at $3.28 and $3.15.

My average price is about $3.32. Which is still giving me a yield of 5.27%.

I think anything above 5% is still considered quite a good price.

Ideally, I would be happy to collect dividend while waiting for price to rise back to $3.50 then $3.80 and the possibility of hitting $4.00 again.

Not a call to buy or sell.

Pls dyodd.

quote :
I feel best time to pick up good stocks is when they are being neglected for one reason or another. The game is to wait for the price to come down to buy and wait again for it to bear fruit over a long period of time. I think it is more important that the earnings are steady and always improving; than having heart-stopping thrilling actions on their stock price. Good luck!

Total debt/equity is about 30%, which is less than 50% seems quite healthy.

ROE is about 18% which is also another plus factor .

Total Ops cash flow seems pretty positive as can be seen from the table below:

The current price is trading quite near the 52 week low of $3.02. It is still quite a distance away from its 52 week High of 3.80.

The company has made this announcement:

DIVIDENDS The Board is recommending a final ordinary dividend per share of 10.7 cents, bringing the total ordinary dividend per share for the year to 17.5 cents, representing a payout of approximately S$2.86 billion.

 Barring unforeseen circumstances, the Group expects to maintain its ordinary dividends of 17.5 cents per share for the next two financial years and thereafter, will revert to the payout of between 60% and 75% of underlying net profit. 


I think the company is able to maintain paying the yearly dividend of  between 15 to 17.5 cents .
Let say we take the underlying net profit of $4b. 75% of $4b , the payout is about $3b. The dividend would be about 18.75 cents .
If we use the lowest rate of 60% x $4b, the payout would be $2.4b giving a yearly dividend of 15 cents .

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