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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Best world, Sembcorp Ind, CAO, China Sunsine

China Aviation - From TA point of view it is rather bearish. The price has fallen off from the high of $1.80 to a low of $1.475. The is generally quite negative.

The price is hovering below the SMA lines which may likely see it trending lower towards $1.45 then $1.40 with extension to $1.35. dyodd

Best World 

Looks equally bad for the past 3 days as it has fallen from $1.51 to a low of $1.02 . More than 45 cents has been wiped-off or almost 32% value price reduction.
Looks like it may continue to trend lower.
Usually, after such a sever selling down, we may see a slight rebound.
I think it may continue to slide further after taking a short breather.
Short term TP 89 cents.dyodd

China Sunsine

Looks rather bearish from TA point of view!
I think short term it may go down to test 75 cents then 70 cents with extension to 65.

Sembcorp Ind

Short term wise, i think it may likely continue to go down to test $2.80 then $2.70 with extension to $2.65.

( trade base on your own decision)

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