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Friday, July 28, 2017

Sunningdale Tech

Sunningdale Tech - 29th July 2017

I have roughly worked out the EPS DCF value for Sunningdale Tech of which I have derived the Fair value of $2.944 .
CAGR - 22.39%
Discount Factor - 12%
Current share price - $2.00
Net Cash Per share - 50+ cents.
Total Equity 188+m

EPS (diluted) 17.5 cents.

PE 11.4x

Industry average PE of 14.4x

Lets put in a further discount of 15% base on the computed fair value of $2.944, the discounted EPS fair value is $2.50.

At least we can still see another 25% upwards move towards the fair value of $2.50 from the current price of $2.00/

Not a call to Buy or Sell.
( trade base on your own decision)

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