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Friday, July 7, 2017


FOOD EMPIRE - 7th July 2017

FOOD EMPIRE after hitting the high of 78 cents on 25th May 2017, it has since corrected and trend lower to touch 63 cents. Currently, is still on an uptrend mode direction.
looks like we may see a bounce-off from here any moment .

Short term wise, it may move up to test 70 cents with extension to 77 cents.
Entry price - 63 cents.
TP 77 cents.
( trade base on your own decision)

NAV of US$0.30 = S$0.42
EPS for last year is 3.8 cents.
PE is about 17x at current price of 64 cents.

ROE is about 10.5% seems quite good.
Net profit margin is about 6.5% . Not too bad.

Cash flow seems positive.

Recent share buy back by directors :
I think is 65 cents & 56 cents.

Looking at 1st Qtr result of EPS 1.18 US cents =  2.5 cents. Estimate the whole year EPS of about 5.5 cents . Let says a PE of 17x would be arriving a TP of 93.5 cents.
I think Super Group was having a EPS of about 4 cents. It was being bought over at $1.30 which is translating an PE of 32.5x.

(trade base on your own decision)

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