Monday, December 28, 2015

HTL Intl

HTL Intl - 28th Dec 2015

HTL Intl can be considered as a run-away stock with an impressive share price rallying up substantially from the low of 24 cents to the recent high of 72 cents on 23rd Dec. It has since closed at 68.5 cents on 28th December 2015 and formed a doji as reflected on the chart.

This may be another case of a pump and dump scenario. It will be good to take extra cautious when trading/dealing with this counter even though "the company has made announcement on 11th December and received a notification from BEM that it is in advanced negotiations with Yihua on finalising the definitive transactions agreement(s) in relation to the possible acquisition of all the shares in the company by Yihua's wholly owned subsidiary in Hong Kong. And on 19th Dec 2015 they have made another announcement which states that negotiations are still ongoing."

No indication of the offer price yet . I think the NAV is about 40 cents.

Short term more likely to see a pull-back towards 62.5 cents..
(trade/invest base on your own decision)

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