Thursday, December 31, 2015


Cordlife - 31st Dec 2015

Cordlife had a fantastic run after hitting the low of $1.055 on 9th July 2015 and rises to touch All-Time-High of $1.495 on 23rd Dec 2015.
The current price of $1.455 as of 31st Dec it is hovering above both 14SMA & 25SMA lines which is generally healthy/positive.
Also both MACD & RSI are still trending upwards which may provide further catalyst to drive the share price higher.

Breaking out of $1.50 with good volume that may propel to drive the share price higher towards $1.60 then $1.70 for short term uptrend target price.

If price dropped below $1.43 then perhaps this uptrend mode may not follow-through.

Entry price - $1.50
Cut(Stop) Loss - $1.43
Target price - $1.60 - $ 1.70

(Trade/invest base on your own decision)

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