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Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Venture Corporation - She has a Nice breakout yesterday at 14.75 amd closed well at 14.80, this is rather bullish! Likely to continue to trend higher! Fantastic!

  Venture Corporation  - She has a Nice breakout yesterday at 14.75 and closed well at 14.80, this is rather bullish!

 Likely to continue to trend higher to test 15.25 than 16.00 and 16.50! Fantastic! 

Pls dyodd.  

 Venture  - She will need a nice breakout of 14.35 smoothly in order to rise further up to revisit 14.74. 

A nice breakout of 14.75 with ease would likely see her crossing over 15.00 resistance! Pls dyodd. 

First Half results will be out on 6th August 2024, interim dividend of 25 cents is coming! If the results is showing improvement in Gross Revenue and Net profit  I think price may rise higher! Do take note! 

 Venture  - She is consolidating! Likely to rise up to test 14.10 than 14.28.

A nice breakout of 14.28 plus good volume we may see her rising up towards 14.74. 

Pls dyodd.

  Venture  - Awesome! After went XD, she has manged to recover to cover the dividend amount of 50 cents,  looks like Bull is in control! 

Pls dyodd.

Fund are coming in to scoop up the share! 


Pls dyodd. 

1ST QUARTER NET profit of S$60.1m  Versus 73.6 million last year.

Meanwhile, its Q1 revenue stood at S$666.7 million, 18.9 per cent lower than the S$821.7 million.

Cash on hands of 1.19b.

Zero debts. 

Business outlook:

The company is targeting for revenue to improve on a sequential basis from 1st quarter to 2nd quarter.  And expected revenue to be much higher in 2nd Half of 2024 versus 1st Half of 2024. 

XD 50 cents on 7th May 2024. 

Pay date 21st May 2024. 

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