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Friday, June 14, 2024

ComfortDelGro - I think this turtle or dividend counter is not affected by the current market volatility! High interest rate or inflation dont really affect their businesses! Pls dyodd.

 ComfortDelGro  - I think this turtle or dividend counter is not affected by the current market volatility! High interest rate or inflation dont really affect their businesses! 

Yield is almost 5% at 1.35. 

Pls dyodd.  

ComfortDelGro  - I think good price is back after being corrected from 1.50 to close at 1.37. 

Yield is about 4.86 percent which is pretty decent and the businesses are expanding with higher margin we may see further revenue increases and higher dividend payout! Pls dyodd. 

  ComfortDelGro  - 1st quarter results update is out! Revenue is up 10.8 percent to 1004m.

 PATMI is up 23.8% to 40.6m. Cash Flow is positive! CASH on hands increased to 922m. Awesome! Likely see a higher net profit and increase in dividend payout for 2nd quarter! 

  ComfortDelGro  - She is gaining strength! Likely to rise up to revisit 1.50 again! Pls dyodd. 

Remember dividend date on 15th May! 


ComfortDelGro  - She is holding up well! Likely to continue to rise up to reclaim 1.50 again! Ex.dividend is on 6th May for 3.76 cents! Do take note! 

 CDG (ComfortDelGro) - A nice crossing over of 1.49-1.50 level smoothly would likely see her rising up further towards 1.62. Pls dyodd. 

ComfortDelGro  - She is rising up to test 1.50 than 1.63. Do take note!

 A nice breakout of 1.63 smoothly plus good volume we may see her rising up further towards 1.80.

Pls dyodd. 


Total Revenue and net profit plus increased in paying Final dividend likely to boost the price further! First wide and bullish Green candlesticks spotted on the weekly chart,  looks rather positive!

  ComfortDelGro - Fantastic! Finally,  she had managed to breakout 1.43 plus high volume and closed well at 1.46 thus is rather positive and may likely see her rising up further to 1.50 and above! Do take note !

ComfortDelGro  - She is doing a YoYo mode, will she be able to conquer 1.43 and rises higher towards 1.50 and 1.60. Do take note! 

 ComfortDelGro  - This giant Transport company is growing and expanding at a faster rate as we can see their revenue growth on the latest sets of financial numbers with Net profit higher and the increased in Final dividend from 1.76 cents to 3.76 cents,  fantastic! Yield is about 5 percent which is quite good. 

Do take note! Pls dyodd. 

  ComfortDelGro  - At 1.36, yield is about 5 percent for the giant transport company which is quite resilient during market volatility! A good defensive counter to put under one portfolio! Pls dyodd.  

ComfortDelGro  - FY results is out! Final dividend increased more than 100 percent from 1.76 cents to 3.76 cents. Total Revenue is up 2.6% to 3880m and Net profit is up 4.3% to 180.5m. I think is a good sets of financial numbers! 

Total dividend of 6.66 cents representing a payout of 80%, swee!

EBITDA increased 6.5% to 629.9m.

XD 6th May.

PAY date 15 May 

Yield is about 5% at 1.35.

Pls dyodd.  

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