Monday, January 29, 2024

CapLand India Tr - Results is out! DPU is down 21 percent to 3.09 cents, worst than KDC!

 DPU of 3.09 cents for 2nd Half year results! FY2023 of S$0.0645, compared to S$0.0819 in FY2022.

DPU for the second half of FY2023 also fell 21 per cent to S$0.0309 from S$0.0391 in FY2022.

Distributable income is down 10 per cent in H2 FY2023 to S$45.7 million from S$50.6 million in H2 FY2022. 

FY2023 distributable income was down 10 per cent to S$94.6 million from S$105.7 million.
The drop in distributable income was due to higher finance costs and current income tax. 

I think results is no Good! 
Let's see how market react!

Chart wise,  likely to go down to test 1.01 than 1.00 and 95 cents.

Pls dyodd. 

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