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Friday, July 2, 2021

Suntec or NikkoAm Asia reit

 $Suntec Reit(T82U.SI) $NikkoAM-STC Asia REIT(CFA.SI)

Not too long ago, I have managed to get my princess to open the CDP account + opening of dbsv broker account. Have told her these 2 counters can consider for DCA( Dollar Cost Averaging) as I see undervalue for Suntec below 1.50 and NikkoAm Asia for mid to long term yield of 4% that contain most of the famous reit portfolio.

I have sponsored her some small capital and guided her how to log in to dbsv, placing a trade using cash upfront etc. She had managed to secure the first order filled for Suntec 1.45. Also guided her to open Tiger account put in the required deposit and gotten 1 free share for Disney. Have also share with my relative and she also has gotten 1 free Apple share ( open Tiger Account). Personally, I have also open moomoo account and gotten 1 free Apple share. Plus also gotten 1 free Twitter share for referral bonus( moomoo friend referral gifts).

Suntec chart wise, likely to retest 1.50/1.51 again! A nice breakout smoothly would likely drive the price higher.

 Chart wise, bearish mode! 

Need a good rebound to take it back above 1.50 level in order to reverse this downtrend!

NAV 2.05. Yield is about 6%.

Gearing is slightly above 41% of which I think is the current industry norm that allows up to a max of 50.

They have grade A commercial properties and retails mall. Exhibition centre and freehold properties in Australia. The management has been doing their part of acquiring new assets during market weakness which is a good move plus yield accretive.

I think price has come back to quite an interesting level.

Not a call to buy or sell.

Pls dyodd.

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