Monday, December 23, 2019

MapleTree NAC Tr

Today Bull has managed to take control of Bear and close 2 cents higher at 1.14 ,looks pretty encouraging!

It will need to rise higher to test 1.16 and overcome 1.18 in order to reverse this downtrend!

Covering up the Gap at 1.20 would be a positive indication for price to rise further!

NAV 1.428
P/B 0.798
Dividend estimating a hair cut of 20% to 6.1 cents that is still giving a yield of  5.35% base on current price of 1.14 for a greater margin of safety!

If they are able to payout a higher dividend of 6.5 cents then yield would be at 5.7%. And if dividend can stay at 6.8 cents then yield would be about 6%.

Not a call to buy or sell.
Please dyodd.

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