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Saturday, May 6, 2017


Bond could be viewed as a fixed income investment portfolio .
Usually , it is of lower risk and paying a fixed annual interest .
Of course, every investment has certain degree of risks involve.
Investor has to do their own research and understand about the company bond that they are buying.

Bond are usually gurantteed by the company issuing the bond .
You will need to hold for a certain period of time till the bond maturity date. The company will redeem back the par value of the bond at $1.00 or $100 etc + paying the agree interest rate annually.
Payment mode usually half yearly /semi annual basic.

The bond counters that are traded on Sgx are as follows:
1. GentingSP5.125% - Perpetual bond paying interest of 5.125% annually. Current price $1.024.

2. Citydev NCcps - Perpetual bond paying 3.93% . Current price $1.125

3. Hyflux 6%cps - Perpetual bond paying 6%. Current price $99.50.

4. FCLTrea3.65% - 7 years fixed . Paying 3.65% . Current price .$1.015.

5. OxleyM5% - paying 5%. Price $1.004

6. Capmall3.08% - paying 3.08-%.Price $1.029

7. Aspial5.125% - paying 5.125%. Price $.0977.

There are many other counters that you may browse through from Sgx web site.

Trade base on your own decision .

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