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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sino Grandness

Sino Grandness - 20th Jan 2017

Sino Grandness after touching the low of 21 cents on 21st Dec 2016, it has since stage a strong recovery and head higher to touch 28 cents on 5th Jan 2017. This is rather positive.

On 5th Jan 2017 a very nice and beautiful white thrust bar had managed to broken out the resistance at 25 cents and closed well at 27.5 cents. A reversal pattern indicated on the chart. This is generally quite bullish/positive.

Both Macd & Rsi are also rising which may provide further indication that the share price may continue to trend higher.

Short term wise, I think it may likely move up to conquer 28 cents and head higher to cover the Gap at 29 cents. This momentum may drive the share price higher towards 32 cents with extension to 36 cents.

Interested to see how I choose those stock counters for short term trading techniques you may refer to the stock trading manual

( trade base on your own decision)

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