Saturday, January 9, 2016

Share Investment course

Share Investment course

For those who like to enhance their share investment knowledge such as reading of Technical Analysis, Fair Value investing, Trading Strategies such as going Long(Buy) or Short(Sell) below are some of the courses that may be of interest to you as follows:-

1. Millionaire Investor - quote :for those who always wanted to learn how to invest like the world's greatest investor - Warren Buffett? 

Then let this simple investing course teach you the fundamentals of Value Investing - the investing philosophy that has made Warren Buffet the richest investor in the world. 

For those who want to learn how to analysis the Financial Result of the company and make sound investment to increase their Return of Income (ROI) by focusing on passive dividend income stocks and also fair value investing on those stock counters that are undervalue of which potential of maximizing the capital gains.

For more details you may check it out  :

2. Charting Academy - For those who like to learn some knowledge about reading Technical analysis. Is the current trend bullish (uptrend mode) or bearish(downtrend mode). What are the trading strategies rules to follow such as Prefer to long on white candle, short on black candle. Safer to enter when the counter direction is on your side.

If Entry and Stop loss is given, that means you follow strictly, especially on the Stop Loss level.

From time to time you may check to see if there is any updates regarding the market direction, which are the counters on Uptrend mode and those that are on a downtrend /bearish stock counters.

For more details you may check it out :

3. Asia Charts - For those who like to learn about stock trading strategies such as when is the right price to enter for Long or what would be the right situation to go Short(sell) , what would be the stop-loss price and money management tips etc.

quote : Unlocking the secrets of indicators.

For more details you may check it out :

4. Investor Central - Asian insight for global investors.
"For investors who need information before they can make an investment decision. But even companies which fully comply with exchange-mandated continuous disclosure obligations often leave investors hungry for more. Nothing beats local knowledge and street smart insights."

For further insight you may check this out :

5. Trading Central - for those who needs some advice regarding Technical analysis. When is the right time to enter the market for certain stock counters.

For more details you may check this out :

6. Stock Investment course with Dr.Tee - Optimism Strategy.

7. REITs to Riches

Start Journey of Financial Freedom!

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