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Friday, December 20, 2013


Update for Rex International 08th Feb 2014 - REX Intl had a nice gap-up opening price of 63 cents on 4th Feb 2014 and closed well at 85 cents with good volume.This is rather positive. Yesterday(7th Feb) price of 62 cents seems to be holding up well couple with low volume. High chance that it may move up to test 66.5 cents soon.
(trade base on your own decision)

Update for Rex International 24th Jan 2014 - Rex International is rather bearish from TA point of view. All 3 indicators such as Macd, Rsi & Stochastic are still pointing downwards which is rather negative. High chance of breaking down 54 cents and go down to 50 cents soon.
(trade base on your own decision)
Update for Rex International 7th Jan 2014 - Rex Intl had been retreated from a high of 67.5 cents on 19 Dec 13 to a low of 57.5 cents on 31 Dec 13.Yesterday closing price of 61.5 cents couple with high volume is positive to drive the share price higher. All 3 indicators are showing sign of turning upwards.Breaking out of 67 cents will be very positive to bring the share prices higher.
(trade base on your own decision) 

Update for ISDN 3rd Jan 2014 - ISDN is still on track to move up to test 68 cents. Breaking out of 68 cents with good volume may send the prices higher to 75 cents soon.
(trade base on your own decision)

Both Rex Intl & Isdn (20 Dec 2013) are forming a Reversal pattern of which all indicators such as Macd,Rsi & Stochastic are trending upwards.

For Rex Intl , breaking out of 68 cents will send the price go higher to 76 cents and then 84 cents.

Similarly for Isdn it may move up to 75 cents then 80 cents in time to come.

(Trade base on your own decision)

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